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Table of Contents: Volume 9.1

Front Matter

Ramify Volume 9, Issue 1
Daniel Steele (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Jameson Cockerell (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Dolan Kay (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Susan Matassa (PhD Student, Literature)
Joshua Patch (PhD Student, Literature)
Samuel Postell (PhD Student, Politics)

Ramify thanks our supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association, Matthew Wilde, President (2021-) and Alex Taylor, President (2020-21)

Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Joshua Parens, Dean


The Private Uprooted: Machiavelli’s Mandragola and its Moral Implications
      by Elisa Torres

Three Adeodatean Odes (and two ex Ad Sororem) by Andrew Tithoneus
      by Alex Taylor

Beatrice’s Maternity and Dante’s Eros: The Transformation of Italian Love Poetry
      by Matthew Wilde

MacIntyre’s Transition into Modernity as Reflected in the Novels of Jane Austen and E.M. Forster
      by Kim Rice

Memory and Self-Knowledge in Augustine’s Confessiones
      by Jameson Cockerell

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