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Table of Contents: Volume 5, Issue 2

Front Matter

Ramify Volume 5, Issue 2

Proceedings from the Inaugural Braniff Conference in the Liberal Arts: On Reason and Revelation

Editor-in-Chief: Pavlos L. Papadopoulos (PhD Candidate, Politics)
Editors: Matthew Brumit (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Fred Erdman (PhD Candidate, Philosophy)
Angela Lill (PhD Student, Politics)
Tiffany Schubert (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Brett Stine (MA Student, Humanities and Classical Studies)

Ramify thanks our financial supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association, Pavlos L. Papadopoulos, President
University of Dallas Politics Department, Richard Dougherty, Chair
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Joshua Parens, Dean


Faith and Reason in Montesquieu
      by Khalil M. Habib

On Jacob and Diomedes
      by Daniel Valls Rodriguez

A Commerce in Imperfection
      by Rebekah Spearman

St. Augustine's Confessio: The Ethico-Ontological Ground of Logos
      by Enrique Pallares

Plato and Spinoza on the Theologico-Political Problem
      by Craig Vander Hart

Offensive Revelation: Reason Leading to Faith
      by Aaron Matthew Schubert

Reason and Revelation in Dante's Divine Comedy
      by Bainard Cowan

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