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Table of Contents: Volume 4, Issue 1

Front Matter

Volume Four
Editor-in-Chief: Franz S. Klein (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Managing Editor: Adam Cooper (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Jennifer Fast (PhD Student, Literature)
Tiffany Niebuhr (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Pavlos L. Papadopoulos (PhD Student, Politics)
Mark Wampler (MA Student, Philosophy)

Faculty Advisor
Joshua Parens (Philosophy)

Faculty Review Board
Debra Romanick Baldwin (Literature) Brett Bourbon (Literature) Richard Dougherty (Politics) Jacob-Ivan Eidt (Modern Languages) Andrew Glicksman (Theology) Matthew Walz (Philosophy)

Ramify thanks the following faculty members for their support:
Bainard Cowan (Literature) Scott Crider (Literature) Jonathan Culp (Politics) William Frank (Philosophy) Eileen Gregory (Literature) Theresa Kenney (Literature) Stephen Maddux (Modern Languages) Lance Simmons (Philosophy)

Ramify thanks our financial supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association, Monica Eichman, President
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, David Sweet, Dean

ISSN 2158-5784


Visions of Excellence: Jacob Klein, Leo Strauss, and Louise Cowan on Liberal Education
      by Christopher Lynch

‘Hand of God’
      visual artwork by Jessie Martinez

The Mortal Race: Mankind and the First of the Funeral Games of Patroclus
      by Carle T. Mock

Hephaestus’s Mortally-Inspired Art
      by Matthew Spring

‘The Wise Thing Is Not Wisdom’: Dionysian Power and Human Response in Euripides’s Bacchae
      by Michael D. Terranova

Aristotle’s Manner of Writing and the Responsible Pursuit of Political Philosophy
      by Pavlos L. Papadopoulos

The Reason of Faith: An Exploration of Anselm’s Dynamic Phrase ‘Ratio Fidei
      by John F. Rico

      visual artwork by Michael A. Farmer

Three Poems by Valéry: ‘The Spinner,’ ‘Helen,’ ‘The Cincture’
      translated by William Turnage

‘The Pursuit of Wisdom, of Truth, and of Virtue’: The Core and the Catholic University
      by Richard J. Dougherty

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