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Table of Contents: Volume 10.1

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Ramify Volume 10, Issue 1
Dolan Kay (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Manuscript Editor:
Maia Campbell (PhD Student, Politics)
Jameson Cockerell (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Susan Matassa (PhD Student, Literature)
Peter Tardiff (PhD Student, Literature)

Ramify thanks our supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association: President Max Potts (2022-3) and President Matthew Wilde (2021-2)

Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts: Joshua Parens, Dean Emeritus and Richard Dougherty, Interim Dean


Stages in Personal Differentiation: The Seasons and John Paul II’s Cycle of Knowledge and Generation as a Reception of Life
      by Grzegorz Ignatik

Portraits of Pain and Wrath: Translating the Name of Odysseus
      by Martin J. Phillips

All the Mighty World of Eye and Ear: The Epistemological Claims of Hearing and Seeing in Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey”
      by Miriam McElvain

Whenever I Say “I”, I Mean Also “You”: Domestic Communion and Justice in “This Is Just to Say”
      by Nicholas Otranto

A Crisis of Relativism: Leo Strauss on Machiavelli, Aristotle, and the Modern Failure to Understand Tyranny
      by Wyatt Hill

A Time to Study: Docility and the Role of Faith in Liberal Education
      by Jonathan J. Sanford

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