Ramify is intended to reflect the unique intellectual atmosphere of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts. It is therefore multi-disciplinary, and publishes serious but jargon-free intellectual treatments on topics of humane interest. The journal seeks to foster the involvement of scholars, teachers, and students in the ongoing dialogue within the Western tradition.

Ramify is edited by Braniff graduate students. Though the journal reflects the unique nature of Braniff, submissions are open to graduate students from other programs. Each issue highlights several essays from Braniff graduate students and also includes an essay from an “outside scholar” and one from a University of Dallas faculty member. Ramify also publishes artistic translations of literary works, poems, and visual artwork.

While focused on great works within the Western tradition, Ramify remains engaged with the broader academic community. And, while respectful of our tradition, our outlook is exploratory, interpretive, and broad.