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Table of Contents: Volume 7.1

Front Matter

Ramify Volume 7, Issue 1
Editor-in-Chief: Christopher Walton (MA Student, American Studies)
Editors: James DeMasi (PhD Student, Literature)
Melissa Dow (PhD Student, Politics)
Zachary Meckley (PhD Student, Literature)
Alex Taylor (PhD Student, Literature)

Ramify thanks our supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association, Anna Dean, President
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Joshua Parens, Dean
The Collegiate Network of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute


Imitative Empathy: An Intuitive Method for Psychology
      byScott D. Churchill

‘Wizardry’ and Wisdom: Imitation in Book 10 of the Republic
      by Esther Moon

Novalis and Hymns to the Night
      by Jingjing Zhao

On Conservationist and Preservationist Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics
      by Fred Erdman

Pancks: Mechanical Conditioning and Fortune-Telling in Little Dorrit
      by Kate Stearns

Preferential Policies and Determinants of Conflict in Sri Lanka and Malaysia
      by Calin Scoggins

The Tale of Five Cities: Tension and Order
      by R. J. Snell

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