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Table of Contents: Volume 6, Issue 1

Front Matter

Ramify Volume 6, Issue 1
Editor-in-Chief: Tiffany Schubert (PhD, Literature)
Managing Editor: Geoffrey Manzi (PhD Student, Philosophy)
Editors: Pavlos L. Papadopoulos (PhD Candidate, Politics)
Matthew Brumit (PhD Candidate, Literature)
Thomas Spooner (MA Student, Philosophy)
Alexandra Slaughter (MA Student, Psychology)

Faculty Advisor
Steve Stryer (Literature)

Ramify thanks our financial supporters:
Braniff Graduate Student Association, Angela Lill, President
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Joshua Parens, Dean


A Review of Interpreting Nature: The Emerging Field of Environmental Hermeneutics
      by Fred Erdman

Curiosity Kills: Crimes of Imagination in the Brothers Karamazov
      by Leta Sundet

Analogy and Poetic Faith: Metaphors that are Meant
      by Louise Cowan

      by Rhett Forman

“The Sin Upon My Head”: Shakespeare’s Henry V and the Book of Joshua
      by Moryam Van Opstal

The Poetics of American Common Law
      by Jake Crabbs

Parting Words: Augustine on Language and Loss
      by Erika Kidd

Breadcrumbs in the Forest: A Return Home
      by Jamie Lobstein

Friendship and Psychotherapy: Reflections on Friendship’s Therapeutic Power
      by Gary Borjesson