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Dissertations Accepted in the 2011–2012 Academic Year


  Jayson C. Grieser

"Betwixt My God and Me" Covenant and Maturity in the Temple, directed by Professor Scott Dupree

  Emily Elizabeth Heyne

Wine and Blubber: The Influence of Dionysian Mythology on Melville’s Moby-Dick, directed by Professor John Alvis

  Ethan Kobus Smilie

Inquisity of Goddes Pryvetee and a Wyf: Curiositas in the “Canterbury Tales,” directed by Professor Gregory Roper


  Taylor Reed Marshall

Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law and the Twofold Beatitude of Humanity, directed by Fr. James Lehrberger

  Cynthia Rose Nielsen

Constructed Subjectivities and a “Thick” Account of Agency: A Foucauldian Dialogue With Douglass Fanon and the Augustinian-Franciscan Tradition, directed by Professor Philipp Rosemann

  Bret Jeremy Saunders

Descartes’s Divided Imagination and its Legacy in Kant and Hegel, directed by Professor Dennis Sepper

Braniff Graduate Student Association (BGSA) Conference Stipends

The following students were awarded conference stipends of up to $700 this academic year for use in presenting papers at academic conferences. These stipends were funded in part by the BGSA student fees and in part by Dean David Sweet of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

Daniel H. Arioli, IPS Philosophy, “Account and Actuality in Aristotle’s De Anima: Unearthing the Phenomenon of Soul,” Association of Core Texts & Courses, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2012.

Michael Colebrook, IPS Philosophy, “Beyond Realism and Rationalism: The Darker Side of Hobbesian International Relations,” Association of Core Texts & Courses, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2012.

Kathryn Davis, IPS Literature, “Exonerating Mrs. Dashwood,” Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, October 2011.

Kathryn Davis, IPS Literature, “The Book of Books: Reading and the Well-Ordered Soul in Persuasion,” Association of Core Texts & Courses, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 2012.

Fred Erdman, IPS Philosophy,, “Eternal Recurrence and Nietzsche’s Understanding of History,” Louisiana State University Graduate Student Philosophy Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 2012.

Jennifer Fast, IPS Literature, “‘The Sentence of it Sooth is, out of Doute’: Sentence and Success in the Physician’s Tale,” SouthEastern Medieval Association Regional Conference, Decatur, Georgia, October 2011.

Ann Marie Klein, IPS Literature, “Inscaping the Sky and Sea: Why Hopkins Thought of Scotus,” International G.M. Hopkins Conference, Regis University, Denver, Colorado, March 2012.

Franz Klein, IPS Literature, “From Saint to Sinner: Discerning the Role of the Non-Martyr in T.S. Eliot’s Major Plays,” Southwest Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature, Abilene, Texas, September 2011.

John Douglas Macready, IPS Philosophy, “The Savage Lens and Invisible Subjectivities: Levinas and Arendt on the Representation of Indigenous People in Film,” Seventh Annual North American Levinas Society Conference, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, May 2012.

John Peterson, IPS Politics, “The Family: Bulwark or Stumbling Block of Lockean Liberalism,” Midwestern Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 2012.

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